AAA FIRE SPRINKLER, INC. is a full service fire sprinkler company located in sparks, nevada. We specialize in both commercial and residential construction, as well as service and maintenance of all fire sprinkler systems. WE are licensed and bonded in nevada and california for both commercial and residential work. We are a small but tight company who knows that our first job must be quality. WE won't rest until everything is done right, and we warrantee most of our work forever, as long as we are servicing your system. WE have 30 years of continuous service and being a family company, we intend to be around for at least 30 more. WE also pride ourselves in our ability to make the installation of the fire protection system the least stressful part of your project. Our staff will always be professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We have good relationships with all inspectors and fire departments we work with, and we do something else that no other company does ... we make it look easy!